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The importance of TCO focus

Technical component procurement

  • < 10% of total purchasing budget
  • > 90% of total orders/ order lines
  • > 80% of total suppliers
  • Limited standardisation (products & brands)
  • Fragmented supplier base
  • Large stock
  • Local focus/ no attention to multi-site synergies
  • Time consuming

Does this sound familiar?

Composition of the Total Cost of Supply (TCO)

ERIKS is specialised in supplying a wide range of mechanical engineering components. These products represent, by a relative low purchasing value (C-items), only a small part of the entire purchasing budget of a company. 

The largest parts of the TCO exist of procurement costs (purchasing and storage costs) and technical usage costs (maintenance and manufacturing/assembly). By shifting the focus from just price to complete TCO, annual savings of minimum 10 to 15% of the total annual spend are possible!

ERIKS - Composition of the Total Cost of Supply ERIKS - TCO focus

ERIKS Easy Order System®

The ERIKS Easy Order System® represents a wide variety of logistics services (Supply Chain Solutions) and e-Business solutions, which enable you to reduce your procurement costs (and also the TCO) considerably.

ERIKS - Supply Chain Solutions ERIKS - E-Business Solutions

Apart from the above mentioned solutions, ERIKS also offers you an extensive program of technical services and support, which deliver further savings on your technical usage costs. Know how really makes the difference here!

Realising and validating cost savings

The challenge is to translate a more efficient purchasing, storage, maintenance and manufacturing process into hard cost savings. ERIKS has many years experience in realising actual cost savings and gladly supports you by setting up a tailor made plan that meets all your needs and savings targets.
Within each project, as well at the beginning, during as afterwards, all savings are carefully monitored and documented via a specially designed savings model. By doing so, we can make hard savings immediately visible.

Examples of solutions

ERIKS offers you the following logistics services and e-Business solutions:
  • composed products and packaging according to your specifications
  • composing and supply of ready-to-use sets with individual components(kitting)
  • flexible supply options
  • local presence in all major industrial areas
  • 24 x 7 days accessibility and service
  • buyer specific stocks
  • VMI-solutions, including barcode scanning, both in your warehouse as on the shopfloor (production or assembly line delivery)
  • equip racks with required seals and gaskets on consumption locations
  • one to one electronic message transfer via our own communication hub
  • free use of our TradCom portal with electronic catalogues for a wide variety of technical products
  • cooperation with well-known international portals and system integrators
  • plan and accompany service and revision stops
  • procurement and stock management outsourcing solutions

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TradCom is a unique cooperation between various market leaders in the supply of MRO components to the industry. With a uniform search and ordering engine, including full control over budgets and authorisation, you will have direct access to a catalogue of over 1 million different MRO products. TradCom is real-time linked with the ERP system of the partner suppliers, giving you always instant visibility in your nett price and actual availibility.

Of course TradCom also offers the possibility to fully integrate the search and ordering process with your own ERP environment, either via electronic messaging or punch-out.

10 advantages at one glance:

  • Online catalogue with more than 1 million articles
  • Easy finding of non coded items
  • Net pricing and real-time stock information direct available
  • Search by using technical parameters
  • Extensive information and pictures per item
  • Seven days per week, 24 hours per day accessible
  • Budget- and authorisation functions
  • Integrated barcode scanning solution
  • Free access, no membership fee
  • Full integration with own purchasing systems possible

More than 8.000 users at over 6.000 of our customers already found their way to TradCom!

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  • Clear information on bins and rackingERIKS - Clear information on bins and racking.JPG
  • Container with small components for production stopERIKS - Container with small components for production stop.jpg
  • Example of kitERIKS - Example of kit2.JPG
  • Racking with gaskets on consumption locationERIKS - Racking with gaskets on consumption location.jpg
  • Racking with gaskets on consumption locationERIKS - Racking with gaskets on consumption location2.jpg
  • Replenishment of assembly stationsERIKS - Replenishment of assembly stations.jpg
  • Specially composed toolkit with foam inlaysERIKS - Specially composed toolkit with foam inlays.jpg
  • Use of barcode solution in your own warehouseERIKS - Use of barcode solution in your own warehouse.jpg
  • VMI solutionERIKS - VMI solution.JPG